Ninja M talks beer in Thresher's

Ninja M talks beer in Thresher's

Gov's sorted with a case of Stella

It's snowing when we get outside

Gov and Phil stash the gear in Phil's car

The Boy Phil and Gov stock up on take-away food

We make it to Pulham

Jackie, Paul and Andy

Jackie and Jen

Mikey P's got a pout on

Mikey and Andy, the twins

Bill plays miniature rugby

Bill's on the floor

Jen becomes a wheelbarrow

Jess gets caught double-dipping a Nacho

More kitchen life

Jen does a head-stand

Gov's pouting now

Jess reads some extracts from her dissertation

Bill offers a sniff of his drink

John and Bill

Jess looks over whilst John queries the shot

Jess is on Nachos again

Scooby the dog wants in

Scooby gets his photo taken

The Boy Phil makes a snowball

Sophie the cat is on the table-tennis table

Phil does some cat tormenting

Sophie is ball-cat

Mikey P looks up

Jen offers up a toast

Mikey P has a doze

Mikey P gets rudely awoken

Clare, Mikey P and a classic 70s telly

There's a pile of bodies

Scooby plays tennis balls with The Boy Phil

We all prep for a sleep-over in Jess's bedroom