Wavy holds up a foaming pint

Wavy holds up a foaming pint

The compilation of take-away food orders continues

Clare and Mikey-P

DH scopes out the menu

The Boy Phil and Gov eat lots of chicken balls

Gov and Mikey-P

A complex 'murder' game ensues

An inflatable sheep looks on

Mikey-P tests out the hat and fake beard

Jen points at Jess for some reason

Jess furtively eats some takeaway

Mikey-P and Clare

Jen tries out a moustache

and then Nosher has a go

Wavy has a sleep

Jen tries a didgeridoo

Jen finds a large ginger wig in Gov's downstairs bog

Jess is asleep on the sofa

Jen gets bashful

Next morning, the obligatory fry-up begins

We go to see if DH is alive yet

Gov's got a mug of tea

Jess does a bit of drying up

Gov stews some beans

Jess cuddles her pillows