Guv's Chinese-themed mystery night and general booze-up - 7th February 2004

Sadly, Nosher completely forgot about the fancy-dress bit until walking in the door (D'oh :-). Huge amounts of take-away were consumed, as well as much booze (plus a suspiciously large quantity of single cream). Another 3-hours of sleep on a floor rounds out off the night, followed by some smoke-alarm-tingling bacon and cold left-over chicken balls in flourescent "red stuff"

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Guv models his splendid, but completely un-PC costume

Meanwhile the compilation of the exstensive 'list of food' continues

Clare and Mikey-P

A highly complex game ensues

An inflatable sheep looks on

Mikey-P tests out the hat and fake beard

Jen points at Jess for some reason

Jen tries out a moustache

and then Nosher has a go

One minute, Wavy is awake....

...the next he's not

Jen tries a didgeridoo

and then finds a large ginger wig from Guv's downstairs bog

Jess is all tuckered out...

...and Jen gets bashful

Next morning, the obligatory fry-up begins

and we go to see if DH is alive yet

Various meat products in lard are prepared. Guv stews some beans

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