Rob McVey on a Rickenbacker guitar

Rob McVey on a Rickenbacker guitar

Rob on harmonica

A sunburst Gibson Les Paul

The crowd get into it

Doug Morch on rhythm guitar

Rob McVey again

Longview tee-shirts all round

More crowd action

Longview singing

Rhythm-guitarist Doug Morch

Nosher at the keys in the Cider Shed


A fuzzy Nigel

The BBs in action

Suey scoops up a broken glass

The Boy Phil talks to actual girls

Gov gurns

The Boy Phil

Nosher plays stuff

The BBs, with Max on bass

More keyboard action

Suey looks over

Wavy sticks his tongue out

Marc upside down

John Willy claps

Nosher grins

Jo Bowley on vocals

Max on bass