Pippa and Apple

Pippa and Apple

DH loads up some curry

Marc has a nap with The Sock

Suey and Marc are asleep, with a cat each

Apple wins an easter egg in the Swan draw

Sally helps out behind the bar

DH, with a cigar on, inspects the eggs

Marc hides behind an egg

Suey and Marc are asleep again, with Soph-bags

Mini and Slinky the kittens

Mini shows off her secret fur

Slinky gets some salad

Slinky plays

Slinky comes up to the table for a look around

Marc pretends to eat the kitten

Marc's got kitten for tea

The kitten wanders around

Slinky has a nap

Marc has a nap too

Anne and Suey play with Slinky

Quizzical kitten

Anne has a rest

More kitten action