3G Lab Watersports Fun Day, Wyboston, Bedfordshire - 8th June 2002

3G Lab hosts a fun day of watersports, at the watersports centre near Wyboston in Bedfordshire. Nosher's a bit late on account of the car needing a new tyre, but gets there in time to have a spin round on jetskis, jet boats and the like - all in a kinky rubber wetsuit.

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The 3G Lab gang are hanging around

Julian shows off his life jacket

Bill with a can and Dan with his legs out

Racing around on an inflatable banana

Adrian 'Dogs' recoils

Steve Ridley flaps his hands like giant ears

Ben B looks a bit glum

Nick C, Stef and unknown

Nosher (left)

Steve Ives gets a jetski lesson

A steel band accompanies the barbeque

Nosher and a water ski

Hannah hangs out

Hannah and Michelle

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The 3G Lab gang are hanging around