Kate in the office

Kate in the office

Matt D

Rob poses for a photo

John Lucas at his desk

Steve H

Some prototype device is in action

A prototype Nokia Communicator

Clare 'Geezer'

Marc and Sue

Apple John looks up at the ceiling

DH has a giggle

Nigel's lost his pint

Bill and The Boy Phil

Colin chats to Apple


Wavy with his 'Dr. Pooh' tee-shirt

Anne laughs as Apple disappears under the table

Colin leans in for a chat

John Willy licks Apple's ear

John Willy moves on Wavy's ear

John Willy leans on the bar

Jill's on the phone

Colin has a giggle too

Wavy's trainers have been hidden in a wall

Assembling for the ride in the morning

Bikes at the ready

Colin and Nigel

Hanging around by the well

We're at the first pub

Pippa makes some notes

A duck squeezes an egg out

Checking the directions

Colin and Spam watch the traffic

Wavy looks out from the bridge

Sue and Marc come through on the tandem

Outside a pub

Wavy models his hi-viz

A pile of bikes

Wavy and Bill

At the river for lunchtime

John Willy and Bomber outside the Anchor Inn

Swans drift by

Suey looks out over the river

John Willy picks fleas out of Wavy's hair

The gang by the river

Eating lunch on the river bank

A night is a long time in Bedfordshire

Stick game

Nigel cues up

Apple sticks some tunes on the juke box

Nigel racks up for skittles

Stick game on red baize in The Guinea

Marc sits outside The Guinea

Suey roams around with her eyes covered

We end up in Ireland

Sue, Nosher and Anne in Ireland

Nigel relieves himself in a field

Sitting by the roadside for a while

Nigel lets one off. Good things there's a warning

Another pub garden

Pippa and Apple

John Willy and Bomber Langdon

Apple with cling-film on his head

More pub-garden action

Pip and Apple, all frocked-up

Nosher with purple shirt

Apple looks innocent

Spam checks who's ordered what

Bill looks pensive

Jenny and Nigel

Back at the bar

Back at the Swan, Sylvia gets presents for organising it all