Down South, Nosher's got a sprog

Down South, Nosher's got a sprog

Sean and Sydney

Sean and his mate outside the Plough in Tiptoe

Michelle and Sean in the church

Sydney gives her best stare

Sean with the baby Sydney

Sean and Sydney

Nosher in the family photo

Sean, Michelle and the baby Sydney

Crowds outside the church

Milling around on the road

Sydney with aunt Karen

Sean and Syd again

Sean points as people mingle around

Outside All Saints, in Hordle

Sean in the kitchen

Lots of babies

Food and a cake is laid on

Sean's mum and Karen butter up some bread

The lounge is full

Outside, Bob keeps the guests entertained

Sean and his mum

Michelle smiles

Karen has a go of the baby

Bob does bubbles

Bob is the expert child-tormentor

Sean comes out onto the patio

It's all too much

Bob is now a wheelbarrow

Sydney with a granny

Michelle opens up presents

Round to Hamish's, with his dog

The dog gets some Hamish time

An empty middle lane, as far as the eye can see

The motorway is full of mid-lane tossers