A 3G Lab Sailing Trip, Shotley, Suffolk - 6th September 2001

Paul Reilly, 3G Lab's CTO, arranges a spot of sailing and hires a 35" yacht - Knight Vision - from Shotley Marina. From there, we sail down the River Orwell to the Walton Backwaters (where Nick manages to briefly ground us) and then over to Felixstowe before sailing back up the river to overnight at the Suffolk Yacht Harbour. Before all of that, Geoff and Brenda have a barbeque...

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Brenda ably mans the barbeque

Dessert is served

Geoff and Brenda peer through photos

In Matrix House, Cambridge, Kate's on reception

Nick stocks up the boat's frige with beer

Paul and Stef check stuff out

Our yacht: Knight Vision

Leaving Shotley Marina, Paul at the helm

Evening, as we head over to Felixstowe

The sailing boys have some sort of dinner


Nick and Stef wash up

We go ashore for a beer somewhere in Suffolk Yacht Harbour

Back on the boat, we have a cheesy snack

Nosher and Dan brush teeth

Paul beds down for the night

It's all a bit too cosy

Nosher bails out and sleeps on the floor

The morning after

Knight Vision

The marina entrance and the River Orwell

Dan and Stef

Nick stands astern

Paul checks the anchor

Dan and Gerard

Dan and Gerard row off to Pin Mill for supplies

Stef goes for a swim

Stef swims around

Sailing downwind, Stef at the helm

Back in the lock at Shotley Marina at the end of the voyage

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