3G Lab Moves Offices, and some Stairs, Suffolk and Cambridge - 27th August 2001

3G Lab finally moves offices from its several-month stint in the "open prison" that is Cambourne business park/new town in to the new offices of Matrix House on the Business Park in Cambridge, just off Milton Road. To celebrate the move, the offices are turned in to some sort of club, complete with glitter balls and table magicians. Meanwhile, back home and several months before (despite these photos appearing to come from the same roll of film), Nosher and the Old Man are building a new staircase whilst it's snowing outside.

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The back-garden wilderness in snow

The front garden under a blanket of snow

The side field

Where once was a staircase

Laying a new tile floor

The hall and landing

The front door and a temporary ladder to upstairs

The Old Chap pokes around in the kitchen

The staircase starts to take shape

The Old Chap stands next to our creation

The new staircase is installed

The Old Man does something to the bannisters

The Old Chap knocks a nail in

A spare kitchen door is bricked up

The 3G Lab Cambourne 'open prison' office

Cambourne new town developments

3G Lab's new office

The new Matrix House office is set up

Furniture is moved in

Loads of half-moon glitter balls

The office is done up with restaurant tables

Michelle, Wendy and Kate mill around

The Matrix House kitchen

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The back-garden wilderness in snow