There's an event in Stanley's outdoor arena

There's an event in Stanley's outdoor arena

Somewhere in Stanley

The sea wall at Stanley

Stanley Harbour, near the Customs House

The former customs house, Stanley

Stanley waterfront, with The Boathouse

Stanley Market

A back-street restaurant we visited one night

A view from the house

The swimming pool, seen from the top of the house

A view from the top-deck of a bus

The Bank of China tower

St. Paul's Church

The Lippo Center, from the Citibank building

Connaught Road, looking towards Wan Chai

Hong Kong gardens

Some of the side-street markets in Central

A building is renovated with bamboo scaffolding

Markets in Central

Street life

A yellow zebra crossing

Looking down into Lan Kwai Fong market

The classic view of Hong Kong from Victoria Peak

The rack-and-pinion train crawls up Victoria Peak

Nosher at the top of the peak

The back of HSBC and the Customs House

Nosher's legs by the swimming pool

Josie, our Filipino maid, in the kitchen

DH sticks some tunes on the CD

The Star Ferry heads off to Kowloon

DH takes a photo in the dusk

Hong Kong by night

Another ferry streaks past

The ferry terminals at night

Fun with signs: an inadvertent translation

The bar of The Boathouse, our regular pub

Josie's fresh-fruit breakfast

DH and Nosher sit by the pool for a bit

Nosher spread-eagled

In the park: looking out from inside a fountain

Zen Gardens from the top of a tall pagoda

Josie prepares some food

Noodles are fried

A pile of dinner

DH and Josie eat dinner

A pile of dismantled escalator stairs

Time for a quick snooze in the park

Terrapins try to escape from the pond

A teapot exhibit

A museum featuring a history of teapots

Inside a 'biodome'

Steamy palm trees

On the ferry to Kowloon

A view of Hong Kong from the harbour

A clocktower in Kowloon

Hong Kong from Kowloon

People mill around

Near the bus station

In Stanley, DH and Nosher await the bus

A dude with a giant stuffed Llama

Brightly-coloured steelwork in Stanley

Another view of Stanley Harbour