Sean and Michelle's Wedding, Bashley FC, New Milton - 12th August 2000

It's Sean and Michelle's wedding, held at the St. Mary Magdalene Church in Old Milton. Nosher was Best Man, so there are no photos of that part of the event, but the reception was held at Bashley Football Club, just outside New Milton.

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Sean has a beer

Michelle texts on an ancient Nokia

Kai pretends that he's running a shop

It's Lolly's turn at the 'shop'

Michelle with a glass of wine

Michelle and Sean

Michelle's a bit chilly

A small bridesmaid mills around with a stash of balloons

Hamish and Lolly

Some sort of speaking or cake-cutting occurs

Michelle and Sean cut the cake

Sean looks a little freaked out

Michelle and a load of balloons

Michelle and Sean do a first dance

Sean dances with a small girl

More wedding dancing

Michelle and Nosher dance about

Small children dance around to the disco

Phil, Sean and Nosher

Phil, Sean, Nosher and Jon

Wedding bopping

Kai and Phil

Sean greets the guests

Sean leads Michelle out of the reception

Michelle points at the camera as they leave in a taxi

Sean checks that he's got enough money for the cab

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Sean has a beer