Andrew's CISU Barbeque, Kai's 2nd and Archery, Suffolk and Hampshire - 13th August 2000

A bit of a round-up: it's the day after Sean and Michelle's wedding, and it's Kai's second birthday over at the grandparents' house in Hordle. Then, it's back to Suffolk for a spot of archery in the grounds of the Oaksmere and then the cremation-fest that is a barbeque over at Andrew's house in Ipswich

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Kai and Lolly

Kai roams around the garden

Phil and Kai

Phil and Kai again

Party guests in the garden

Lolly adjusts her hat

Chris ably mans the barbeque

Paul Robinson and Carl Rhoden

Elen looks a bit surprised

A sunset and a load of smoke drifts over Andrew's garden

Sausages on fire

Russell comes out for some food

Barbeque action

Carl cracks a beer

Pauline contemplates her next arrow

Pauline fires one off

Checking the results of a post of archery

The archery instructors show us some stuff

DH flings one off

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Kai and Lolly