Neil has a pre-marriage beer

Neil has a pre-marriage beer

Helen arrives in a Roller

Wedding photo time

Family group photo

More group photo action

John Willy grabs his crotch

Guests roam around outside the Oaksmere

Spammy and Alan

Helen with bouquet

Up at the head table

Spammy and Tinny

Spammy looks like a startled rabbit

Lorraine and Spammy

Helen makes some essential tiara adjustments

Sally and Doug

Helen gets a kiss

Helen gets another kiss from dad

John Willy, Helen and Neil

Big Al and Sylvia

John and Spammy share a snog

John Willy messes around

Colin, Jill and Apple

Lorraine (right)

Outside in the dusk

Pippa, Apple and Jill

DH, Ninja M, Chris and The Boy Phil

In the scrum, John Willy does the horns

Helen roams around

Paul, Wavy, DH and Apple mess around outside

Helen and friends


Helen and friends

A bit of a wedding dance

Apple gets the beers in

Wavy shows off his smart sweater

Paul sits on a small topiary hedge

Wavy stands on a wall

Bridesmaids in the conservatory

Sally does some dancing

Dancing in the conservatory