Colin and Jill's Barbeque, Suffolk - 28th May 2000

Colin and Jill have a Bike Club/Pub barbeque around their gaff. Along with sausages and burgers, there's a spot of cricket in the back garden

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Ian does a bit of fielding

Wavy scores a run

Wavy's in bat

DH chats to Jill

Paul and Apple (who's got a thing on a stick)

John Willy lobs the ball in from the outfield

Claire watches the proceedings

Wavy steps up to the crease

Apple looks surprised

DH checks Apple's hair for nits

Spammy has a laugh


Wavy bounces in the air with excitement

Dougie fetches the ball from the long wheat

John Willy checks his balls

John Willy in bat, Dougie is wicket keeper

Wavy's on his knees

Ninja M watches the proceedings

The Boy Phil ponders the cricket

John Willy feeds the ball to Wavy

Ninja M, DH and Colin

Jill with a glass of vino

Wavy has a wee in the garden of the next-door police station

Drinking beer in the back garden

Apple eats pudding

Pippa runs back with thing-on-a-stick

Apple waves around the pink, fluffy, thing-on-a-stick

Nosher runs up to bowl

DH gets his toenails painted

Apple in bat

Apple lurks around looking schoolboy-shifty

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Ian does a bit of fielding