CISU: An SCC Trip to Bruges, Belgium - 26th May 2000

Only a week or two before leaving Suffolk County Council, Nosher gets a final work trip to Bruges, as part of the Suffolk/West Flanders partnership (also known as Het Akkoord) - Nosher was on the Suffolk LGA "Web Working Party", known as SLGAWeb, or, somewhat uncharitably, "SlagWeb". Colleagues Andrew Brooke, from the same ISIS IT department, and Margaret Davies from Libraries are over too. After the meetings, there's an hour or two to roam around Bruges and have a look around.

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The Hotel du Ville in the Grande Place

Andrew roams about

Lounging about, Bruges style

Bruges buildings

Some tourists take a break

Crowds mill around in the Grande Place

Tourists on a boat trip

Flags of Bruges

Peaceful river scene

A bronze head of Frank van Acker

Andrew poses by Frank van Acker's head

Andrew and Margaret roam about in a town square

Margaret and Andrew on a bridge

More river life

Another Bruges river

Andrew and Margaret inspect the shops

A Bruges wedding

More Bruges wedding action

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The Hotel du Ville in the Grande Place