Wavy's Thirtieth Birthday, Brome Swan, Suffolk - 24th May 2000

It's Wavy's thirtieth birthday, so there's a bit of a do up at the Brome Swan.

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Apple and his legendary 'chair dance' moment

Sylvia hands over a football-themed cake

Wavy is overwhelmed

Wavy holds up his cake

Wavy wanders off with his cake

Wavy gets the bumps

The crowd gives up after about 4 bumps

Pippa checks Wavy over

John Willy gives Wavy's ear a bit of tongue

Sylvia behind the bar

Claire gets some J2Os out of the fridge

Sylvia and Spammy in the kitchen

Claire armed with bottles

Helen, Lorraine and Neil

Helen and Lorraine (and Neil trying not to be in the photo)

Sally roams about

John Willy does rabbit ears

Apple leans over

Hermann looks over

Pippa tries to be out of the way

John Willy

John Willy and Spammy

Back at the house, Apple sticks a baseball cap on Sophie the cat

Apple and Soph-bags

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Apple and his legendary 'chair dance' moment