A BSCC Bike Ride to Gravelines, Pas de Calais, France - 11th May 2000

It's another of the pub's outings to France, courtesy of cheapo ferry deals in The Sun newspaper: foot crossing for a quid, that sort of thing. We stay at a Travel Inn on the outskirts of Dover the night before, and leave at some ridiculous hour to catch the ferry. Upon arrival at the ferry terminal, Nosher discovers that his passport is back at the hotel, which requires a frantic two-mile pedal back up a ludicrously long and steep hill to retrieve it, and then a break-neck ride back to just about catch the group as they are loading up. Once across the English Channel/La Manche, we cycle along the coast in the general direction of Gravelines for lunch and a few beers, and on return there's time for a trip to Dover Castle.

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Bikes are unloaded from the back of DH's van at stupid o'clock in the morning

Jill mills around watching the preparations

John Willy gets an early beer in on the ferry

Colin, Jill and Apple have some sort of ferry breakfast

A brief pause on the road, a few kilometres outside Calais

Loads of bikes and panniers

Group photo under the road signs of France

Jill, John 'Bomber' Langdon and Ninja M

A French bar

Paul sneaks in to the photo

Colin hold on to DH's bike as Ninja M roams around

Apple John on his bike

Gravelines high street

The 'Sainte Cecile' tavern

Colin smokes a fat one

Massed bikes outside Le Sainte Cecile

The Boy Phil on the beach near Calais

Wavy takes a nap

DH, Phil, Paul and John Willy, whilst Bomber Langdon is on the phone

A goalpost in the sea

Big Al phones home

John Willy leaps on to Wavy

Wavy wakes up

The boys on the beach

Hanging out on the seafront

John Willy somewhat daringly cycles up the promenade with his club shirt over his head

Pippa and Apple in a bar on the ferry back

Colin, Jill, Pippa and Apple

A window overlooking the Channel at Dover Castle

Tourists mill around

John and Wavy peer up to the top of the cliff

Wavy stands on some sort of artillery piece

DH looks down the barrel of a very long canon

Walking around the grounds of Dover Castle

DH and Wavy exploring

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Bikes are unloaded from the back of DH's van at stupid o'clock in the morning