A BSCC Bike Ride, Brockdish Greyhound and Hoxne Swan, Suffolk - 4th May 2000

The bike-club massive are out for a ride to the Brockdish Greyhound, before a splinter-group stop off at the Hoxne Swan to climb trees and drink more beer

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Alan's at the bar in the Brockdish Greyhound

Wavy holds his empty glass up

Wavy and the boys in the bar

John Willy gets his, er, willy out in the Greyhound car park

Pippa, Apple and Paul

Wavy gives it a thumbs up

The gang heads back from Brockdish

Paul cycles past

John willy

Wavy, DH and Phil stop off at a memorial near Syleham

The Boy Phil gets off his bike

DH, John Willy and The Boy Phil at Syleham

Wavy and John Willy cycle down the road to Hoxne

Wavy, DH, Phil and John Willy cycle down the road and all manage to have their eyes closed

Wavy waits on the Syleham Road

Bikes outside the Hoxne Swan

DH, Nosher's knees and The Boy Phil

John Willy messes around as Wavy has a wee

Wavy has a wee in the bushes

John Willy, DH and Phil up a tree

John Willy, DH, Wavy and The Boy Phil in a tree

Nosher's up a tree too

The boys up a tree

Phil swings around in the trees

Apple hangs horizontally from a tree

Nosher dangles from a tree

Nosher jumps down

Paul takes his hoodie off

John Willy gives Wavy a snog in the Hoxne Swan

John Willy outside the Hoxne Swan

Wavy falls asleep on his bike and ends up in a hedge

Paul comes along to see what's occuring

Paul picks Wavy's bike up

John Willy lifts Wavy out of the ditch

John Willy picks twigs out of Wavy's hair

Wavy looks to see where he was

John Willy and Wavy

Back at home, The Sock is up a tree

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Alan's at the bar in the Brockdish Greyhound