The Old Man and Sis outside SantaPark

The Old Man and Sis outside SantaPark

Mad Christmas stuff in Napapiiri

Crazy frogs

A blurry Nosher

An installation of bearded elves

People mill around inside Santa Park

Sis and the Old Man do a ghost-train ride

A reindeer carousel

Gnomish Elves do their thing

A display of traditional Sami dress


The light through the top of a Sami tent

A Sami tent

A reindeer paddock

A reindeer nibbles at something

Dad interacts with a reindeer

An Albino reindeer

Lappish reindeer

A reindeer with massive antlers

The Old Man points at a reindeer

Sis on the one-time Arctic Circle

Sis stands behind a stone globe

Nosher on the arctic circle

Sis and the Old Man

Nosher and the Old Man

Information about the Arctic circle

Sis sits by the 'where in the world' signs

People roam around in the Arktikum

Inside the Arktikum

Sis in a stone circle near the Arktikum

Sis again

Pebble circle

A Finnish lake scene

Lapland scene

A Finnish lake

Nosher roams around with a camera

The bridge in Rovaniemi

The bridge at Rovaniemi at night

Leaping reindeer outside Helsinki Airport

Leaping reindeer

Leaping reindeer and Finnish road signs

Helsinki Cathedral in Senate Square