A Mortlock Barbeque and a CISU Party, Suffolk - 11th July 1999

Odd how these events always seemed to come in pairs, but here's another Mortlock barbeque in Thrandeston, and another of Andrew Brooke's parties in Ipswich

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Pippa and Spammy

Spammy and Wavy (and Wellard, the dog)

Apple John

Lorraine in the shed

A game of cricket ensues

Hanging out in the summer-house

Rainey covers up her eyes

Paul mans the barbeque

Wavy adjusts the parasol

Wellard scrounges for scraps

The Boy Phil eats something

Apple waves a fish-slice around

Fenton Garret with chequered oven gloves

Mark Fox and Russell Drake

Russell shoves a bread roll in

Russell Armstrong

Garden party scene

Kickabout in Andrew's dining room

Some strange moves

Micro football kickabout

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Pippa and Spammy