A bashful bridesmaid

A bashful bridesmaid

The bridesmaids in the churchyard

Geoff and Brenda

Milling around outside the church

Lindsay and another bridesmaid

Jean and Debbie

Debbie prepares to enter the church

Bernie and Debbie wait with the vicar

Debbie and Bernie

The wedding service occurs

A wedding group photo

A big group photo outside the church

Outside in the churchyard

Wedding photos on the road

Brenda and Geoff sit down

A boy with balloons

Geoff messes around with balloons

A bridesmaid runs around

Bernie stands by the table

Bernie does a speech

Andy and Debbie cut the cake

The first dance goes off

Some sort of wedding dancing occurs

Bernie with his mate Russell and wife

Mass dancing in a sports hall

Debbie has a shout on the stage

Nosher dances

Spam and Helen get their knees up

Jean, Bernie and Spammy

Jean, John Willy and Spam

Debbie in a wedding dress

Debbie and Andy leave the reception