Skiing in Chamonix, France - 15th March 1999

One of Sean's friends is working as a Chalet Girl over in Chamonix, and so it seems like a good idea to get a cheapo EasyJey flight over and scope it all out. It's Nosher's first-ever time skiing, and so there's a bit of an acclimatisation phase on the baby slopes, under Sean's tutelage. Once that's done, we're off to the "proper" bit, with red, blue and black runs and everything (well, maybe only red and blue). Nosher had always been a bit wary of skiing, on account of the full-gear poseur tits with Oakley shades and all that, but it turns out to be a most pleasant experience - if nothing else for the snow and the stunning scenery

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Sean is on his phone in downtown Chamonix

Nosher on the baby slopes at Les Planards

Sean looks dead posy

A random ticket collection

Nosher on the ski lift

Sean poses (but don't mention the crossed skis)

Nosher with stoopid shades and a funky hat

Nosher pretends to be doing a blue run

The safety net at the end of the run

Nosher kicks back with a beer

Staring at the snow

Sean and Ponge mess about on the snow

A bit of Aprés Ski

Sean is all geared-up in the ski dorm we're staying in

Nosher gets the fernicular railway up to the Vallee Blanche

The mountains behind Chamonix

A view over Chamonix, from up a mountain

Nosher on a wall

The Vallée Blanche

Sean and Ponge mess about outside a bar

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Sean is on his phone in downtown Chamonix