Brenda gets ready to saddle up

Brenda gets ready to saddle up

Brenda's ready to go

Brenda on the back of a bike

Geoff heads off on the bike

Geoff speeds up Old Bury Road

Geoff gets back from a spin on the bike

Apples are tipped into the chopper

Gathering round the transit van

Time for a break with last year's cider

Geoff lays down another 'cheese'

A bird's-eye view of an apple 'cheese'

Tipping apples

Geoff looks like he's dancing

A rear-view shot

More hanging around the van

More tamping down

Intensive apple squashing

Geoff tamps down chopped apples

Geoff does a bit of gurning

Folding up the hessian around the apples

David Cork does a bit of off-road

Geoff pushes up the Daihatsu

Brenda in the off-roader

Trying to push over the toppled Daihatsu

Brenda spins around off road

Brenda gets stuck in a hole

Danny and Charlie have a burn up on the field

The main bedroom is virtually complete

Another reconstructed-bedroom view

Jean and Bernie celebrate their anniversary

Debbie, Jean, Bernie and Lindsay

Tony and his bowling massive

Tony inspects the bowling action

Down at the Eye bowls club

The action down at the Eye Bowls Club