Hamish and Jane's Wedding, Canford School, Wimborne, Dorset - 5th August 1998

Nosher drives down to Wimborne for Hamish's wedding. On arriving, the old mark 1 Astra's battery is knackered and so requires a replacement (probably due to the Alpine sound-system banging away throughout the journey). Nosher is staying in a nice little B&B, where the owner's children watch fascinated as Nosher irons a shirt. It's a scorching day, and the gig is at nearby Canford School - an independent school in Wimborne that doubles as a wedding venue during school holidays. But first, Hamish hosts a barbeque-cum-wine-tasting afternoon round his pad in Walkford...

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Simon peers over as Hamish's wine tasting begins

Hamish brings some barbeque food out

Guests assemble and mill around

Guests mill around outside Canford School

The wedding guests are seated

Jane and her dad walk up the aisle

The service begins

Hamish gets a snog

Jane and Hamish sign the register

Surprised looks from the couple

A confetti moment

Hamish and Jane poses for photos

Hamish's parents

Hamish's family, with Laura, Steve and Jennifer

Hamish's family plus men in kilts

Hamish, Jane and John

Jane and Hamish's dad

Hanging around whilst it's Pimm's o'clock

Sean tries to lift up Simon's kilt. Either he's wearing a thong, or there are no pants

Martin and his girlfriend

Hamish looks bashful

Hamish's dad pipes in the cake

Hamish and Jane cut the cake

A dinner scene

Hamish looks hesitant as he does a speech

The first dance

Dancing (from) the ceiling

Martin's girlfriend looks glum as he fiddles with a camera

Martin and Sean pretend (?) to be mashed up

Martin, Simon and Sean

Hamish and his former neighbours from New Milton

The girls next door (from Hamish's old house in New Milton)

That bizarre wedding-reception ritual that is Hues Corporation's 'Oops upside your head'

Kilt-ish line can-can dancing

Carole has another furtle for Simon Morris's bits, whilst Martin, Nosher and Sean prop him up

Skipping over a light-rope in the car park

Wedding fireworks

The wedding tunnel

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Simon peers over as Hamish's wine tasting begins