Joe and Lesley's adorable vintage transport

Joe and Lesley's adorable vintage transport

Lesley arrives

Lesley discusses stuff with the photographer

Lesley and her bouquet

Lesley and her dad

Lesley waits to go in

An aerial view of the congregation

The mothers light a candle

Lesley and Joe light candles

The vicar/celebrant does his thing

Joe and Lesley do the vows

Joe and Lesley do the newly-married snog

Wedding photos outside the Meeting House

Group wedding shot

A group photo of the boys

Lesley and Joe

Guests in the garden

Dan sticks his tongue out

Joe, Lesley and the car

Some champagne is popped

Lesley and Joe head off to the reception

The first dance

Joe and Lesley and the first dance

Some funky moves

Ceilidh dancing in full effect

More dancing guests

Joe, Lesley and a small dancing guest

Lesley dances with a small child

Fenton and his girlfriend

Phil roams around looking surprised

Lesley and Hannah

Nosher in the purple shirt

Flipping the bird

Lesley gets a kiss

Joe and Hannah Reid

Foxy in the social club

Leading a procession through the social club

Applauding the departing bride

There's some applause

Linked hands form a guard of honour

On the steps of the SCC social club

The crowds look on at at Social Club

Lesley heads down the social club steps

Lesley and Joe outside the Social Club

Lesley waves as they're driven away