Tim eats a Naan on a return visit by Campbell

Tim eats a Naan on a return visit by Campbell

Dougie and Trevor wig out to 'The Bends'

Andrew has a sleep

Andrew and the legendary JavaScript Banana

The circular garage on Charles Cross

The rotunda garage on Charles Cross roundabout

Buses and the Plymstock gasometer

Plymouth City buses at Bretonside

Buses at the bus station at Bretonside

It's full at Bretonside bus station

Andrew stands on the bridge at Badger's Holt

Russell looks out over Dartmoor

We flake out on Sheepstor

Vicky and Russell on a tor

Vicky flakes out on top of the tor

A view of Dartmoor

Walking down Sheepstor

Looking into the Hoo Meavy railway tunnel

Andrew, Vicky and Russell by the railway tunnel

The Belvedere on Plymouth Hoe

Mother and Mike's garden at The Chapel, Hoo Meavy

The pond and covered seating area

Russell and Vicki outside Cap'n Jasper's

Fishing boats in the Harbour, The Barbican

Back at home, The Sock is on the stairs