A CISU Thrash in the SCC Social Club and Garden Rotovating, Brome and Ipswich - 4th April 1998

There's some sort of "disco" on up at the SCC Social Club in Rope Walk, and it looks like most of CISU/ISIS are out in force. Meanwhile, back at the house, there's some kitchen demolition going on, and then Danny Flint from a few doors down helps out by rotovating the entire back garden in preparation for rolling and re-seeding.

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'Dave' and Paul Jay

Paul messes around

Hannah goes 'whuh?'

The ops boys

Elen tries to light a fart from Jon Segger's arse

Paul Robinson

Dave has a go at fart lighting

Hajni and Raj have a slow dance

There are a lot of hands in the air

Even more hands

More CISU hand waving

Russell Armstrong looks a bit put out

In Orford, there's some Morris Dancing

More Morris dancing

The pantry is demolished

The kitchen has new tiles on the floor

Piles of gravel ready to cover the new drive

Danny rakes out the gravel

Rotovator action

The vast expanse of back garden

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'Dave' and Paul Jay