'Dave' and Paul Jay

'Dave' and Paul Jay

Paul messes around

Hannah goes 'whuh?'

The ops boys

Elen gets a lighter out

Elen tries to light John Segger's fart

Paul Robinson

Dave has a go at fart lighting

Hajni and Raj have a slow dance

There are a lot of hands in the air

Even more hands

Hands in the air, Social Club style

More CISU hand waving

Russell Armstrong looks a bit put out

Dan and Becky

One of the mainframe guys dances

Natalie and Winston give it some

Campbell and Stuart

Hannah gets down

Hannah dances

Paul Jay sets his pubes on fire

Russel, Jon, 'Dave' and Paul Jay

Winston 'Winx' grins

The lads get their arse-cheeks out

Hannah, Russell and Dan

Lisa roams around with a camera

Paul and Jon

Dave whispers something in Jon's ear

Sheila and Trudy cut the cake

Trudy wanders off to supply cake

Phil B

Paul thinks it's hilarious

Paul Jay gives 'Dave' a squeeze

A blurry Stuart and Macca P

Natalie dances about