A Trip to Pitlochry, Scotland - 24th March 1998

Sean decides to arrange a trip up to Scotland, to a nice little rented house up the hills near Pitlochry. His girlfriend, Carole, and her sister Isobelle who's over from France, come along too. Sean kicks the fun off early by getting pulled over by the rozzers on the M90, on the way up to the house. Whilst there, we poke around Pitlochry, visit a distillery in Aberfeldy, walk around Loch Ranoch and make the journey up to Loch Ness for a very underwhelming visit. When the rest go to Edinburgh for some shopping, Nosher heads off for a 10 mile walk to Pitlochry (for a couple of pints of "Heavy" in a suitable establishment). Later, Nosher and Isobelle climb Schiehallion, whilst the lazier Sean and Carole wait down below with a picnic.

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The lounge of the rented cottage

Outside of the stone cottage - Tullichuill or something

Sean flings Carole around in the car park of the Loch Ness visitors' centre

Loch Ness

A ruined castle on the shores of Loch Ness

An end-of-the-roll shot, but which looks nicely apocalyptic. Loch Rannoch

A distant Carole and Isabelle on the top of Loch Rannoch dam

On top of Loch Rannoch dam

Isabelle and Carole look out across the loch

Isabelle, Carole and Sean on a wall

Carole gets a look over the wall

A thatched limnological tower

A hilly valley somewhere

Blair Castle, near Blair Atholl, Perthshire

Inside the stately rooms of Blair Castle

Carole takes a break

The drive up to Glamis Castle (the setting for Shakespeare's Macbeth)

Glamis Castle close-up

Carole, Isabelle and Sean mill around in Glamis Castle car park

Isabelle and Carole

Walking around amongst the daffodils

The long road on Nosher's walk to Pitlochry

Derelict farm buildings

Isabelle looks down from the top of Schiehallion

A bit of a rainbow, as seen from above

Isabelle watches as Sean and Carole run off somewhere

Sean picks Carole up and makes out he's going to throw her in the stream

Isabelle makes something in the kitchen

A raging river

Pitlochry (possibly)

A lovely Highlands scene

Highlands sheep

The Aberfeldy distillery and the River Tay

The gang outside Tullichuill, the rented house

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The lounge of the rented cottage