De Montfort Hall

De Montfort Hall

Milling guests

The graduation gang

Students file in to the hall

Sis gets her certificate

Sis's group

The traditional mortar-board shot

Mother, Sis and Nosher

The Old Chap, Sis and Mel

Sis and Dad

Dad chats to Sis

Mike, Sis and Mother

Sis poses

Some of Sis's gang at the bar

A typical student lounge

A toast in a coffee mug

It's time for beer

Trousers down for the girls

Sis's house mate gets his kecks off

Mel, Dad and Sis in a Leicester restaurant

Mel tries to get away

Mel, Nosher and Sis

Mel, The Old Chap and Sis

Nosher and Sis in a nightclub

In a smoky nightclub

A bit of a pavement moment

It all gets a bit emotional

Some paper knickers are waved around

Fun with knickers

Hanging out with balloons

Sis, Mother and Nosher outside the house