A Swan Trip to Wimereux, France - 20th June 1996

One of four trips this year by the Brome Swan massive, courtesy of various offers of near-free ferry travel from The Sun newspaper. This was all the rage at the time - a fad which lasted for a few years and which caused by the loosening of UK personal duty restrictions, meaning it was now possible to bring back pretty much all you could carry (within reason, subject to proving it was for personal use)

next album: Le Shuttle to France and Other Randomness, Suffolk and Calais - 3rd August 1996
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Jon 'Ninja M', Wavy, John Willy and DH somewhere at Wissant

DH points at the sea, as Wavy laughs

John Willy, Spammy and Alan stroll the promenande at Wimmereaux

Alan sits on the sea wall as Spammy roams around

Bill picks at his fingers; Spammy walks the sea wall

Bill and Wavy

The seafront of Wimmereaux

Wavy on the rocks

Wavy and Spammy climb around on the groynes

Wavy and Spammy on a groyne

John Willy and Wavy paddle as Spammy legs it

John, Bill, Wavy and Ninja M hurl stones in to the sea

John Willy, Alan, DH and a bit of Spammy at a seafront bar in Wimmereaux

John Willy points at his nearly-empty beer

John, DH and Ninja M

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Jon 'Ninja M', Wavy, John Willy and DH somewhere at Wissant