The Norwich Union Mail Coach Run, Brome, Suffolk - 15th June 1996

John Parker and his team of Hungarian grey horses commemorate the 150th anniversary of the last mail run from London to Norwich (in 1846). Much of the A140 is still on the original coaching route, and the Swan at Brome was one of the original stops. There's a great turnout for the event, and the entourage includes athlete Kris Akabusi. The whole run is completed after covering the record-breaking 139 miles in just 21.5 hours.

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Crowds hang around outside the Swan

A Cryer announces the imminent arrival of the coach

The A140 slows to a crawl

The Swan in the summer sun

More milling throngs

Colin and Jill

DH, Wavy, Paul and Colin

The coach pulls in off the A140

The coach and four enters the pub car park

John Parker and the mail coach outside the pub

John Parker and Kris Akabusi

Kris Akabusin signs Spammy's autograph book

Hungarian grey horse

Kris Akabusi and the crowds

The four horses of the pubopolis

Danny Flint gets a pat on the back from Kris Akabusi

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Crowds hang around outside the Swan