The First BSCC Bike Ride to Southwold, Suffolk - 10th June 1996

It's the first-ever of the Brome Swan Cycling Club's annual long-distance sponsored bike rides. This one is to Southwold, on the Suffolk coast, which is only about 30 miles away. As it's the first such trip, we take it easy and have DH's van lined up to bring us back again, apart from Keith who's hardcore enough to cycle back by himself.

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A discussion of tactics outside the Swan, before we leave

John Willy and Wavy in the Bramford Queen

Apple (looking like a hitman with shades), DH, Keith and Helen in the Bramford Queen

Pub o'clock

More hanging out at the Bramford Queen

Pippa hauls her bike out as we set off on the final leg to Southwold

The scene outside the Lord Nelson, on the seafront in Southwold

Milling around outside the Harbour Inn, Southwold

Lounging around in the garden of the Walberswick Bell

Philip, DH and Alan talk about stuff

Food at the Walberswick Bell

Sally gives it some

Apple and Keith look on as John Willy gets his chest out

Bill flakes out

Apple, Helen Paul and Sally are in the sea

More of Apple, DH, Helen, Paul and Sally in the sea

John Willy gets his arse out

The bike club is gathered by the water towers on Southwold Common

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A discussion of tactics outside the Swan, before we leave