Campbell Leaves CISU and a Trip to Lavenham, Suffolk - 4th May 1996

Campbell Thompson, architect and co-founder of the CISU Internet service since 1995, leaves CISU for a job in London. There's the traditional office send-off in St. Edmund House, and then some sort of thrash over the road at the SCC Social Club, on Rope Walk. Later, Mother and Mike are over visiting, so we visit Cavnedish and Lavenham in the depths of South Suffolk.

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Cat A - Sophie - rolls around on the carpet

Campbell gives some sort of speech as Martin Elsey stands by

Most of CISU gather to send Campbell off

Carl Rhoden, Alan Leach, Sheila Gardiner, Campbell, Martin and Trevor Smith

Neil, Dougie and Jon Segger in the social club

Sean Lane leans over

The CISU massive

Russell, Trevor, Julian, fags and booze

Russel, Julian and Andrew (back row)

More insane gurning

Mother roams around in Cavendish

Mother and Mike in a pub in Lavenham

Lavenham houses

The Swan Hotel, Lavenham

More picturesque Lavenham houses

Stunning stained glass

More stained glass windows

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Cat A - Sophie - rolls around on the carpet