Lunch Round Mad Sue's, Stuston, Suffolk - 30th March 1995

A round-up of lunches round Mad Sue's in Stuston, some off-roading with Geoff and Brenda, some photos of the Brome Swan and the ongoing rebuilding of Nosher's house

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Sue does one of her trademark mad shapes

Sue, Geoff and Brenda

Geoff and Brenda, with some roast dinner

Brenda tries to hide

Sue in her kitchen

More mad dancing, of sorts

Brenda's hiding again

Sue does some hacking with an electric knife

Sue gets some more potatoes

A vehicle has tipped over, as Charlie Bird looks on

The Jeep is properly stuck in a hole

Brenda drives around

Tone's 'Pipe Cleaners'

Tony's kittens, on holiday whilst Tone's on honeymoon

More pushing up of vehicles

Geoff gets his Daihatsu stuck

Dee Antoniades on on her side

Someone gets a rope out

Corky drives around

Brenda looks serious

Geoff drives around in some muddy water

Hauling out of a muddy puddle

Mad Sue, right, isn't sure about all of this

Geoff's off in the undergrowth

Leaning out, like in sailing

Geoff parks up

Time for lunch

The Brome Swan

The Swan, from the Norwich side

Brenda and Geoff, around Sue's again for dinner

Sue with a stack of bowls

Soph Bags lurks in the grass

The Sock mills around

Plastering and timber treatment

The upstairs bedroom takes shape

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Sue does one of her trademark mad shapes