A Phil and Sean Weekend, Diss, Norwich and Southwold - 18th April 1995

There are some crazy weekend shenanigans going on as Phil is over from the US, so Sean and Georgina come up to visit for the night. Nosher picks Phil and Lolly up from Peterborough railway station and we all head off to visit Norwich. Then Phil gets dropped off back at Peterborough railway station after which Nosher picks up Georgina's friend Cassie from Quy garden centre near Cambridge, whereupon the remainder of the group spend the afternoon on the beach at Southwold. Well, it was something along those lines. There are also some more photos of the ongoing house renovation project, which reveal the shocking truth about a completely scatter-gun approach to building, where some bits are not plaster-boarded, some timbers are not stripped but elsewhere stuff is plastered and timbers are already stained. Nothing like a methodical end-to-end approach then...

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Phil and Lolly by the town sign in Diss

Lolly in Norwich

Lolly and Georgina outside the Adam and Eve pub in Norwich

The Adam and Eve

Georgina, Sean, Phil and Lolly at the top end of Elm Hill, Norwich

Cassie and Georgina on the beach at Southwold

Building sandcastles

Nosher and Sean on the beach

Cassie and Sean

The bedroom next door is visible through the wall

A scatter-gun approach to building: spot the boredom factor at play

Elsewhere, a similar combination of half finished, half not started building

Donwstairs, the stereo does its thing

At least the walls have some insulation in now

Katie clears away some rubble

Katie helps tidy up after the new door (left) is cut in to the wall

The radiator and some wall is added to the space where the door used to be

The Sock up a tree

Sophie roams around on a pile of old Mink cages

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Phil and Lolly by the town sign in Diss