An Autumn tree in Norwich Cathedral's Close

An Autumn tree in Norwich Cathedral's Close

Boswell's on Tombland, Norwich

Elm Hill and the former Princes Inn

Ritzy, and the Maid's Head Hotel, Tombland

Brenda pokes a stick into the apple chopper

More action to clear the chopper

Linda does a spot of videoing

It's time to start chopping apples

Geoff gets stuck in

Geoff and Sue inspect some chopped apple

Brenda and Linda get the last apples out of a box

An apple's-eye view

Brenda's got the stick out again

Linda with a bucket of apples

Geoff and Corky set up a cheese frame

Corky on video camera

Winnie the tractor and the former rag press

Sue has a crafty slurp of apple juice

Mad Sue in action

Linda gives a poke

Mad Sue hurls some chopped apple into a cheese

Corky wraps up the cheeses with plastic

Geoff attaches Winnie the Fergie to the press

Sue keeps her eyes covered as Corky drives around

Sue covers her eyes in panic

Sue gets out after her ordeal

Brenda takes Nosher for a ride

Brenda and Nosher drive by