Grandmother's Seventieth Birthday and a Spot of Cricket, Brockenhurst, Keyhaven and Northampton - 11th September 1994

It's Grandmother's 70th birthday, so there's a gathering of the clans with meeting up at a restaurant in Brockenhurst (where Nosher somewhat adventurously has wild mushrooms for the first time, but which burnt down a few years later). That's followed by a cake round N&C's and then there's a walk along the marsh path in Keyhaven. Later, when Nosher's back in Suffolk, Roger hauls us over to Northampton cricket ground for a spot of cricket, to watch Northants versus Middlesex. It's quite pleasant way to spend an afternoon, even if not that much cricket is actually watched.

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Sis, Grandmother and Mother

Neil and Caroline

Mother, Mike and Judith

Sis, Grandmother, Mother et al

Nosher joins in for a group photo

Caroline, Judith, Grandmother and Neil

More walking

Nosher and Judith

Keyhaven Marshes

Keyhaven Marshes, and Hurst Castle in the distance

Caroline lights up the candles

Grandmother blows the candles out

Granmother opens a present

Action at the crease

A pitch invasion after the match

Graham, Pippa and Roger mill around

Graham, Pippa and Roger

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Sis, Grandmother and Mother