Diss Town and the F.A. Vase Final, Norfolk and Wembley - 15th May 1994

Nosher's not much in to the whole 'Footbollox' thing, but when Diss Town ('The Tangerines') made it to the FA Vase Final at Wembley, it was pretty much an obligation for the whole town to turn out. In fact, so much so that the local news ran a piece on how deserted Diss was on the day of the final - more people turned up at Wembley to support the team than the actual registered population of the whole town. As it was, Nosher scammed a lift with Steve-O (meeting in the car park near the Angel Cafe in Diss), and we met up with Kenny, Sarah, Theresa and co. at Wembley. And it was quite an event - if all football was like that (decent crowd, no red-neck lager-drinking knobwits) then even Nosher might go more often. A week or so after Diss Town's win (2-1 over Taunton Town, in extra time), there's an open-top bus parade, where it seems pretty much the whole town has turned out again to see what's going on.

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Sarah gets out of Kenny's car at Wembley, as Kenny and Steve-O look on

Kenny, Steve-O, Sarah, ? and Theresa in front of the famous Twin Towers of Wembley Stadium

Crowds start to build up on St. Nicholas Street

At the top of St. Nicholas Street

St. Nicholas Street fills up

The Old Bill keeps an eye on things

Looking down St. Nicholas Street

Crowds gather outside the Cornhall

The mayor awaits at the Cornhall

Teeming throngs outside the Two Brewers

The bus heads down St. Nicholas Street

The crowds pack in at the top of Pump Hill

One of the footballers does that 'we can't hear you' thing

Orange flags are waved

A celebration

Davida's sprog

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Sarah gets out of Kenny's car at Wembley, as Kenny and Steve-O look on