Pete Brewis' girlfriend tries to hide

Pete Brewis' girlfriend tries to hide

Pete Brewis on the deck of the ferry

The windy deck of the Pride of Calais ferry

On the Pride of Calais

More ferry-based milling around

A Bruges food stall packs up for the day

Pete eats some sort of chicken-based snack

Bruges square

L'Hotel du Ville

A couple of horse-and-carts wait for tourists

Pete looks in the window of a sweet shop

Bruges cafés

The Clays posse crosses the road

Waiting around

Strolling around Bruges

More horse-and-carts near the Grande Place

Golden statues

Tranquil reflected buildings in a Bruges river

There's a curious clock in Chaplefield Gardens

Everyone points to Monique's belly

Geoff, Monique, Keith, David, Linda and Nosher

Keith 'helps' Brenda into the back of the Shogun

'Mad' Sue and the gang in Stuston church