Clays Does Bruges, Belgium - 19th December 1992

A posse from Clays the Book Printers (Nosher's employers) arranges a coach to take us from Popson Street, Bungay, across the channel via ferry and onwards via Lille to the picturesque city of Bruges in Belgium. The intent is a bit of sight-seeing as well as a chance to do a pre-Christmas stock-up of duty-free booze. There's also a few photos from after a night out at Pedro's Mexican restaurant, and the Stuston Carol gig.

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Pete Brewis' girlfriend tries to hide

Pete Brewis on the deck of the ferry

Standing on the windy deck of the Pride of Calais ferry

More ferry-based milling around

A Bruges food stall packs up for the day

Pete eats some sort of snack

Bruges square

L'Hotel du Ville

A couple of horse-and-carts wait for tourists

Pete and Glen's missus look in the window of a sweet shop

Bruges cafés

The Clays posse crosses the road

Strolling around Bruges

More horse-and-carts near the Grande Place

Tranquil reflected buildings in a Bruges river

The gang inspect a curious clock in Chaplefield Gardens

Everyone points to Monique's belly - a sure sign of impending sprognation

Geoff, Monique, Keith, David, Linda and Nosher

Keith gives Brenda a hand up

'Mad' Sue, Corky, Brenda and Linda, Geoff, Monique and Keith in Stuston church

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Pete Brewis' girlfriend tries to hide