The Bay Of Islands, New Zealand - 29th November 1992

The culmination of Nosher and the Old Chap's drive around the North Island of New Zealand is a couple of nights staying in a nice apartment somewhere in the Bay of Islands - right at the sub-tropical top of North Island. Whilst there, we partake in the usual tourist stuff like boat trips to see fish and caves.

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A marina somewhere

A view from the apartment

The Old Chap roams around an outdoor art sale

The apartment complex by night

Colonial-era buildings

A Maori long boat

Our boat trip ride awaits

It's an idyllic spot for yachting

A tall ship

Tourists on a boat trip

Hobson's Beach, where Captain William Hobson landed in 1840 and signed the Treaty of Waitangi

More Hobson's Beach

The Old Chap is just visible in front of a Maori building

A maori construction on legs

Another Maori building

A couple of boys mess around in a raging waterfall

the Old Chap feeds peacocks and ducks

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A marina somewhere