Our plane on the tarmac at Fiji airport

Our plane on the tarmac at Fiji airport

Anna roams around on a trundle truck

Steve grins as Clive inspects the barbeque

Clive turns some chops over

Beers for tea

The eponymous Ferry Landing

The Ferry Landing Store

The Old Chap and Ferry Landing Store

The Ferry Landing library, and some classic cars

The Old Chap and Suzanne walk over to the Motel

Hot Water Beach

Clive and niece on the pier at Ferry Landing

The Ferry Landing pier

Clive chats

Clive chases his granddaughter

The boys do a spot of fishing

The Old Chap casts his line

Clive sits on rocks and waits

Clive climbs the rocks with a fish in tow

Clive and the Old Chap

Clive and Trevor

Beers in the Whitianga Social Club

On the ferry back from Whitianga

Suzanne looks out to sea

Clive and Trevor at the stern of the boat

Suzanne looks a little glum

Captain Birdseye shows off a gurnard

Suzanne takes the helm of the boat

The skipper chops some fish up

Our catch of the day

Disembarking the boat

A family gathering around the table at the Motel

Clive and The Old Chap eat chips in Whitianga

A mini waterfall tumbles over the cliff

Footprints on the beach at Cathedral Cove

Small boys mess around in the 'cathedral'

A woman roams around the cathedral

Cathedral cove

Another view of the beach

A tree on the beach