A 747 Cockpit, Honolulu and Pearl Harbor, O'ahu, Hawaii - 20th November 1992

Nosher and his Dad head off on a trip to New Zealand. On the way, we change at LA and fly to Honolulu for a couple of days' stop-over. The flight over is pretty special: Dad's old chum and ATCO colleague, "Fat" Barry, is on duty in air-traffic control at Manchester. As we fly through Manchester control, he has a word with the captain to mention that we're in the back. The captain duly sends a stewardess down to collect us, and we spend an hour or two on the flight-deck chatting (the co-pilot turns out to be from Nosher's home-town of Knutsford in Cheshire). As we do, we're "chasing the terminator" over Baffin and Hudson Bays and the ice-wastes of Canada - it's an amazing experience, like flying in an armchair over the earth: below, every now and again, are small groups of light, where tiny communities survive in the wilderness. It's a real tragedy that paranoid regulations now forbid anything like this ever happening again. Upon landing, we check out Honolulu, Waikiki beach, Pearl Harbour and North Shore, before heading off via Fiji to New Zealand.

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The Old Chap talks to the pilot

The Old Chap looks back

The co-pilot does some paperwork on the 747 flight deck. The Flight Director is set to 35,000 feet and 273 degrees bearing

The boys keep doing their paperwork

The view from the cockpit window at 35,000 feet

More paperwork

More flying in a 747 cockpit

The sun rises briefly as we chase the terminator

The ice floes of Canada as seen from the flightdeck at 35,000 feet

Nosher was excitied to see an actual banana tree in the wild

A spot of Hawaiian dancing

Polynesian dancing

A Hula dancer

A bit of a ukulele moment

The Hawaiian dance troupe and a couple of ukuleles

A night market in Honolulu

More random stalls in a Honolulu night market

Waikiki beach in the early morning


Nosher and The Old Chap have all-you-can-eat breakfast on Waikiki beach

Some boys fish off the pier

An outrigger canoe

Traffic in downtown Honolulu

A giant Poinsettia-style Christmas tree

Some kind of curious intersection marking

Big Cadillac taxis at a posh hotel in Honolulu

The Old Chap talks to some dude

Some dude looks out over the side on the USS Bowfin

Anti-aircraft gun on the Bowfin

The USS Bowfin, Pearl Harbor

A missile and a submarine

Torpedo tubes with a 'fish' in the hole on the iUSS Bowfin

A pair of torpoedoes (probably a lot shinier than they were when in action)

The submarine's diesel engine

The forward torpedo tubes and torpedoes

The USS Arizona memorial

The wreck of the USS Arizona lies just beneath the water

Part of a gun turret

The hire car, out and about on O'ahu

Banana plantations

North Shore, Hawaii

Surfers and swimmers on North Shore

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The Old Chap talks to the pilot