The Old Chap talks to the pilot

The Old Chap talks to the pilot

The Old Chap looks back

The co-pilot does paperwork at 35,000 feet, heading west

The boys keep doing their paperwork

The view from the cockpit window at 35,000 feet

More paperwork

More flying in a 747 cockpit

The sun rises briefly as we chase the terminator

The ice floes of Canada as seen from the flightdeck at 35,000 feet

Blue ice wastes

A brief sunrise

The Old Chap leans over

Our Air New Zealand 747 at Honolulu airport

On O'ahu, there's excitement to see an actual banana tree in the wild

Banana trees

A spot of Hawaiian dancing

Polynesian dancing

A Hula dancer

A bit of a ukulele moment

The Hawaiian dance troupe and a couple of ukuleles

Some massive shakers

Some sort of ceremony with wooden staves

A night market in Honolulu

More random stalls in a Honolulu night market

A candle-making stall in the market

Waikiki beach in the early morning

Waikiki beach

We do all-you-can-eat breakfast on the beach

Some boys fish off the pier

An outrigger canoe

Traffic in downtown Honolulu

A giant Poinsettia-style Christmas tree

Some kind of curious intersection marking

Big Cadillac taxis at a posh hotel in Honolulu

A stretch limo in Honolulu

A tiny Honolulan police vehicle

An evening at the Shore Bird Beach Broiler

Some dude looks out from the USS Bowfin

Anti-aircraft gun on the Bowfin

The USS Bowfin in Pearl Harbor

An anti-aircraft gun

A missile and a submarine

Torpedo tubes with a 'fish' in the hole

A pair of shiny torpoedoes

The submarine's diesel engine

The engine room

The forward torpedo tubes and torpedoes

Shiny copper tubes, like plumbing

A large torpedo

The USS Arizona memorial

The wreck of the USS Arizona lies just beneath the water

Part of a gun turret

The hire car, out and about on O'ahu

A plantation

Banana plantations

A waterfall

North Shore, Hawaii

Surfers and swimmers on North Shore