Vehicle A is ready to blast the Alpine stereo

Vehicle A is ready to blast the Alpine stereo

The cider gang gather around

Monique's baby

Monique's baby pretends to drive

Monique wipes something off the baby's face

Monique's baby chews on a box

The baby does a toddle

Monique scoops up the baby

Sue 'Badger' walks back from the bog

Keith and baby

Badger and Geoff fold over the first cheese

Geoff lays down another layer of muslin

Brenda spreads chopped apple around

Mike Ogilsby tips on more chopped apples

Sheila and Geoff

Linda Cork looks puzzled

Linda lobs an apple in to the chopper

Monique loads up some apples

Monique looks in the hopper

Geoff is astride the juice tank

Kipper tamps down the apples inside a 'cheese'

Brenda sticks her tongue out

Geoff 'helps' Brenda

Linda by the chopper

Keith tips in a bucket of apples

Linda tests the source material

Activity around the press

Mike and Brenda mess about

Mad Sue talks to someone

Geoff looks up

A cheese is made

Geoff spreads apple around

John and George wrap up a cheese

David Cork gets some close-up video

Another cheese frame is added

John furious tamps down apples

The ten cheeses are ready for pressing

The stack of 'cheeses' is wrapped in plastic

The top pressing board is applied

Geoff straps up the drive belt

Winnie is strapped up to the press

Geoff fires up Winnie the TE-120

Winnie drives the press

Linda feeds apple juice into a barrel

Geoff drives in reverse as the pressing is done

Linda gets wheeled about in a barrow

The compressed waste apple is tipped out

More pressed apple

The chopper hopper is washed out

Corky cleans the pump

Corky cleans the chopper blades

Post cider-making dinner

Geoff acts as a foot stool for Mike