Printec Kelly's Wedding, Eye, Suffolk - 25th April 1992

Kelly, the junior office admin at BPCC Anglia Web (Printec) in Diss, gets married, so the rest of the office and assorted alumni (like Nosher, who's now working for Clays in Bungay) turn out to see her off in traditional style. The "do" is at the Eye Community Centre.

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Alison and Monique read cards

George from stores and Mrs. George

Tim Spooner and his wife

Jane and Baz

Wendy Saunders looks a bit glum

Kelly prepares to give some flowers

Kelly's mother - Brenda

Kelly looks back

A wedding dance

A flock of children join in or throw stuff or something

Steve-o gets his funkiest dance moves on

Kelly gives the hairy eyeball

More Steve-o dancing

Kelly and bridesmaid head out

Crowds outside see the couple off

Everyone mills around for a bit

Kelly is driven away

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Alison and Monique read cards