The Bridge of Sighs

The Bridge of Sighs

Milling around outside the Radcliffe Library

Hamish looks out over Oxford

Up on a church tower

The Radcliffe Library

Oxford colleges

More Oxford colleges

Another aerial view

Stipey grass by the Radcliffe Library

The roof of the Radcliffe Library

More colleges


Walking around by the Radcliffe Library

In a pub garden, under a cover of blossom

Party crowd

Hamish mixes up cocktails

The action in the kitchen

Dutch and Hamish

More of Hamish's dentist massive

Hamish leans over

Hamish tips drink all over his face

Hamish talks at people

Talk to the hand, the waistcoat aint listenin'

Hamish and a tall chum

Hamish holds up a plastic duck

More Hamish

Party girls

Party chatter

Bluebells at Lynford Stag

Bluebells on the Mundford Road