Discussions near the Polling Caravan

Discussions near the Polling Caravan

The Stuston Polling Station caravan

Sue, Kim and Brenda discuss the election

The Stuston election convention takes place

Brenda comes out after casting her vote

Spring daffodils

Buttercups in the long grass

Bright yellow daffodils

A mystery invisible cat

The cherry picker is detached from the Transit

Geoff learns the ropes on the cherry picker

Geoff's up in the air

Geoff gets up to his chimney

David Hoffman prepares for a trip

Local radio DJ David Hoffman is up in the air

Nosher has a go and looks down below

A view of Stuston and the Stables

Over the rooftops of Stuston

More countryside from up in a cherry picker

Another view over Stuston

Mike Ogilsby, Geoff and a David Brown tractor

Mike shows off his tractor/sprayer combo

Mike Ogilsby trundles around in his tractor

Geoff takes Winnie out for a trundle

Geoff clears more land for the allotments

Brenda digs up some land with a rotivator

Bernie takes a photo of Debbie and Lynsey

Debbie and Lynsey

'Mad' Sue lobs a Boule

Keith, Brenda and a game of Petanque

Keith, Sue and Monique

Geoff lobs a boule

Geoff contemplates the lay of the land

Keith and Geoff reckon up the scores

Some ducklings on a lake somewhere