In Diss, Monique feeds her new sprog

In Diss, Monique feeds her new sprog

Monique's baby

On the Harwich/Hoek Van Holland ferry

Linda, Brenda and Geoff on the ferry

Messing around on the deck of the ferry

Some sort of madness occurs

Geoff and Sue take a turn around the decks

Sue, Linda and Corky drink Jenever on the ferry

Geoff lobs a bowling ball down the lane

Mad Sue does a spot of bowling

Corky, Linda, Sue and Geoff mill around

Part of the Eemhof Center Parcs' complex

A brightly-coloured parrot or macaw

Geoff comes hurtling down a water slide

Brenda comes down the water slide feet-first

The big indoor pool

Corky's flops off the edge of a water slide

A wall of water

Linda comes up for air

Time for a jacuzzi

Life in a jacuzzi

A leafy atrium

It's almost like Kew Gardens

Drying off after a downpour

We're in an Indonesian-themed restaurant

Red light fountain

Our accommodation

The path from the apartment

Checking out bikes for hire

Center Parcs' ponds

Bright red pedaloes

The gang on a bunch of hired bikes

A picnic lunch on the last day

Geoff has a little beer

Passing around a bag of 'crispy chips'

Corky gives a belly scratch to a passing hound

A final photo outside the main office