Mike, Badger, Brenda and Geoff stand around

Mike, Badger, Brenda and Geoff stand around

Stripping the willow

Geoff gives it some

Geoff and Linda dancing

Badger has a spin

A ceilidh star thing

More dancing

Geoff, Brenda, Mike and Sue dance around

Geoff tops up his beer

Brenda covers her face up

Brenda does some boogying

Geoff's doing some ceilidh dancing

Mike Ogilsby does some sort of hug

It's folk night in the Cat and Mouse

The double bass only just fits

Bernie and 'Squeaky' Brian are in the garden

Milling around before the off

Striding out from the Old Bury Road

Geoff, Mick, ? and Mike stride around

Linda, and the two Sues on the common

Sue waves to someone

Corky and Sue

Monique from Printec's sprog

Printec Monique and sprog