Nosher Leaves BPCC Business Magazines, Colchester, Essex - 18th July 1991

Nosher had already lined up a job working for Clays of Bungay (the book printers) when it was revelead that redundancy was in the air, so with a small wodge of cash as a bonus, it was time to leave BPCC Business Magazines on Severall's Lane on the outskirts of Colchester. After a short tour of the offices, it's off to the nearby Shepherd and Dog for the obligatory lunchtime beer.

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The lunch-van girl, who kept Nosher fed for the last year

Kim and Tanya in the office

The receptionist

The receptionist hides

Another of the office dudes leans over

Outside the Shepherd and Dog in Langham, near the offices

Tanya, and a bit of Kim's head


Kim, looking like she needs a wee or something, and Tanya

Tina, ?, Six-foot Sue, Helen King, ? and John Holloran's daughter, Becky

A field of poppies

A combine harvester does its thing

Poppies and daisies

Back in Stuston, a couple of cars drive by in the dusk

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The lunch-van girl, who kept Nosher fed for the last year