The Diss Raft Race, Diss Mere, Norfolk - 6th July 1991

As part of the carnival, there's a Raft Race on Diss Mere. Various teams assemble ramshackle craft and take to the Mere (one of England's deepest lakes), to battle it out in various (not always legitimate) ways. Nosher's next-door neighbour from Stuston - Jan - is representing as part of her work team, the Diss Ambulance station, with their craft "The Hoverlance". There are also a couple of photos from a quick trip to the Harbour Inn in Southwold, with Geoff and Brenda.

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Jan stands proudly next to 'Hoverlance' before the off

The BDR team paddle around the Mere

Frantic paddling, with a few overboard

Some kind of banana/dragon boat paddles furiously

A firehose sprays the rafts

More paddlers end up in the Mere

Jan and the ambulance team paddle around

The ambulance team throws buckets of water about

A RIB (rigid inflatable boat) powers around rescuing stragglers, as Jan's raft looks a little worse for wear

At the end of the race

Jan looks a little wet

Geoff, Brenda and gang at the Harbour Inn, Southwold

Boats on the river at sunset, Southwold River

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Jan stands proudly next to 'Hoverlance' before the off